Weird Shop
Weird ShopS1
Coin Building
Unlock Req's L5
Production Shmoos 1
Harvest Timer 1h
Enchant lowers production time, increases profit
Misc Can drop random items and always drops White Trovant.
The Weird Shop is the first of the coin buildings built in your forest.
It is associated with the quest: Down to Brass Tacks.
True to it's name the Weird Shop will often drop random items from other buildings in the game, as well as Watering Cans, Premium Energy used for extra clicks when visiting Neighbors and various crops.
The Weird Shop is a very large building and you can only build 2 of them on your land.
Since they are often used in Timed Event Quests, I would highly recommend building 2 of them as space allows.
  • September 4, 2018 Game Update • Weird Shop Changes:
  • Construction timer reduced to 5 mins, (was 1 hour)
  • Build Requirements increased from 1 Bone to 2
  • 100% Drop of White Trovant x1
    • White Trovants are a crop, when harvested you receive a White Treat that is used to feed Neighbors Dragons. All Dragons at neighbors, any color or type will eat the White Treats.