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Coin Building
Unlock Req's L17
Production Shmoos 2
Harvest Timer 8h
Enchant lowers production time, increases profit and xp

The Tavern is a very large building that requires a lot of materials to build.
It is used in a lot of the more advanced Quests, so at some point you will want to build at least 1 if not 2.
Because of all the materials required, plan ahead before purchasing the Tavern or you might wind up with it sitting there unbuilt for a while! Fortunately we've put together some tips to help you -

Building Tips:

  1. Check Neighbors for a Large Library. These will drop Knowledge each time
  2. Living Water is crafted in the Laboratory, You will need Firewater & Paper for this recipe.
  3. You will need a total of (7) Magic Wands for build requirements, including the (1) used in crafting the Living Water and the (4) used in crafting both Glass.
  4. Magic Wands require Poles you can get randomly (and very rarely) from Neighbors Lumber Mills (Any Level); but your best bet is to run your own L3+ Lumber Mill for guaranteed Poles each time.
  5. Glass also requires Gemstones which are a very rare drop from Neighbors, it might be easier & quicker to just build your own Jeweler's House