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All information on this page is current and accurate as of August 14, 2018

  • The Greenhouse serves 2 purposes:
    • Crafting Trovants for your Dragons
    • Most recently, Red, Yellow & Purple Tulip Recipes were added to page 2 of the Greenhouse to allow us to craft Tulips for the Lazy Spot & for some Good Deeds Department Daily Tasks.

September 4, 2018 Game Update • Changes to Greenhouse:

  • White Trovants were introduced into the game.
  • White Trovant has a 10 minute grow timer and withers in 4 hours.
  • Plant White Trovant and upon harvest you get 60 mana as well as 1 White Treat.
  • A White Treat is a special resource that you can feed to any of your neighbors’ dragons.
  • You must have a Trading Tower on your land to unlock the White Trovant Recipe
  • You can also get White Trovants as 100% drop when collecting your Weird Shops

Changes from Game Update on Aug 14, 2018

  • All Trovant Recipes have been changed
  • You now receive 6 Trovants for each crafted and +2 if you enchant your Greenhouse
  • The Tulips are now unlocked even if you do not own a Lazy Spot

  • Trovants are crafted in the Greenhouse, then planted from inventory and upon harvesting you will get a Dragon Treat! Hungry Dragons love these!
    You will want to craft the color of Trovant that corresponds with the color of the Dragon you wish to feed.

Always enchant your Greenhouse so that you get extra Trovants & Tulips!!


  • Trovants are a crop that must be planted from inventory and harvested to get the Dragon Treat

  • Tulip recipes are locked until you purchase & place the Lazy Spot
  • You will not get a Daily Task from the Good Deeds Department asking you to harvest Tulips unless you have the Lazy Spot
  • Tulips grow in 10 minutes and give 60 mana + petals that are used in Laboratory recipe - Flower of Three. The Flower of Three is used to make cute items from the first page of the Wonder Workshop
  • Always enchant your Greenhouse so you get 2 items instead of 1
  • Red, Yellow & Purple Tulips can also be purchased for Rubies in the Store