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Fat rabbit's pub

The timed quests for the St. Patrick's Day Event 2015 have a side set of quests which are not timed.  Check out below for all the details about Fat Rabbit's Pub. Upon completing The New Recipe, part 5 of 12, you receive the reward of Fat Rabbit's Pub.  Build the pub to begin the quest set. The pub has 3 levels, so be ready to upgrade!

Note: You won't receive the 3rd quest in the set until you upgrade the pub (See St. Patrick's Day quest: The Brewer 9 of 12).

For part 2, find the barrels from the Spiritous Liqours collection by tending neighboring Taverns & Pubs or your own Pub.  

For part 3, 15!!! trees on your estate need chopping. 

For part 4, if you happen to collect the full set of the Spiritous Liquors collection wait for the quest to turn the collection in before redeeming it (see bonus quest at the bottom of the St. Patrick's Day Event).

  • You will find the "Mug of Ale" recipe in the last page of the Laboratory
Fat rabbit pubB

Fat Rabbit's Pub L1

Fat rabbit pubP
Fat rabbit pubB2

Fat Rabbit's Pub L2

Fat rabbit pubP2
Fat rabbit pubB3

Fat Rabbit's Pub L3

Fat rabbit pub3

Thanks to Karliene and Stan for assistance with the screen shots. :)