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Please note that the weeds to be cleared are the Seasonal Item, whichever one is currently in season: Strawberry Bushes (Summer), Leaves (Fall), White Snowdrops (Spring) - Blue Snowdrops will not work for some reason! Puddles (Winter)

The Singing Squirrel 1/2

  • Collect your Crystal House (3) times
  • Clear (3) Seasonal Ground Spawn from your land
  • Harvest (3) Belladonna (Craft Belladonna in your Laboratory)

Glass Houses 2/2

  • Accept Neighbors help on your Crystal House (7) times
  • Dig up (10) Seasonal Ground Spawn on Neighbors land
  • Place (5) Hedges on your land (It can be the Hedges that cost coins, not the ruby ones)

  • This Items is also sold as a Popup Sale on occasion: